Electronic strikes are access control device used to lock and release the doors. Electronic strikes are installed within or on the door frame and work along with mechanical door locks.

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Electronic strikes are available in various sizes and shapes. The features of these electronic strikes are:

  • Dual Voltage Continuously Rated Coil
  • Weather resistant
  • 5 Year Guarantee
  • 4 Hour Fire Rated

The operation of the electronic strikes is quite simple. Apply an electric pulse and the strike will release enabling the door to be opened.  This functionality can be done through a button next to the door or even some distance away. We are asked to do an electronic strike installation quite often nonetheless the demand is declining. It is because there are so many different electronic locks available now.

A typical electronic strike uses a 12V power supply. The power is utilized to either release the mechanism or to keep it locked. This locking choice is referred to either fail secure or fail safe.  Electronic strikes are most commonly noticed at the entrance of apartment buildings.

Sadly, we have witnessed several electronic strikes and locks that either requires replacement or repairing. This is generally due to inferior installation. An electronic strike that is fitted improperly will create all types of issues.

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Safety & Reliability
Safety & Reliability
Safety & Reliability